When/where are auditions?

October 7, 2023
James Bowie High School
4103 W. Slaughter Ln
Austin, TX 78749

What time do students need to be there?

Middle School - arrive, check-in at 8am, auditions begin at 9am
High School - arrive, check-in at 1pm, auditions begin at 2pm

Are parents allowed to wait while students audition?

Yes, there is plenty of space inside and outside - you may not, however, listen to or be present in any audition room

I play bass - do I need a stool and a rock stop?

YES - you will not be allowed to play without a rock stop and stools will not be provided

I play cello - do I need a rock stop?

YES - you will not be allowed to place your end-pins in the wood floors without a rock stop, and they will not be provided.

I play harp - what time should I arrive?

Harp players must check in at 8:30 AM; auditions begin at 9:30 AM

I play piano - what time should I arrive?

Pianists must check in at 10 AM; auditions begin at 11 AM

How long will auditions take?

2 to 3 hours

May I leave early when I am done playing?

No students may leave until auditions are completed; doing so will disqualify you

What is the temperature like inside the building?

It is around 78 degrees in the building, but that is not guaranteed; students are encouraged to bring a light sweater in case it is too cold for comfort

What should I wear to auditions?

Dress comfortably - there is no need to dress up

May I bring food/water with me?

You may bring water into the warm-up and audition room; no food is allowed in the warm-up room or audition rooms

Will there be a restroom break?

There will be one restroom break halfway through, when everyone has played one excerpt

When will I know audition results?

Results will not be posted for students on audition day, and students are encouraged to go home; results will be emailed to directors an hour or so after auditions end

Who should I contact first if I'm having an issue on audition day (transportation, etc.)?

Your music director.